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China's gold star hotel online vote

Date: 2015-09-07

Since November 2009, since the launch of "China gold star hotel" selection activities inside and outside the industry wide attention, xinhua news agency, People's Daily and other positive to be hundreds of media coverage. As the China national tourism administration, the content of the 2015 national tourism service quality improvement activities, one of many in the industry actively participate in the hotel, the hotel self-declaration, around the best optimal tourist hotels association, according to the proportion of 1% of the total of the star hotels in the region to recommend, eventually the country produced 162 "China gold star hotel" candidate hotel.

Candidate hotel presents the following features: one is the coverage, candidate hotel from all over the country 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and xinjiang production and construction corps, represents the advanced around the hotel groups. The second is the grade is rich, the candidate has planed, five-star hotel in the hotel, there is also a four-star, three star hotel, represents the main body of star-rated hotels in China. Three is the brand is numerous, the candidate hotel both well-known international hotel brands, also has the domestic well-known hotel brand, has become an important platform show hotel brand publicity. Four is type diversity, candidate hotel business type hotel, vacationing industry in hotel and tourism hotel occupies a share.

On January 18, 2015 to the date when the end of February 12, "China gold star hotel" candidate hotel network voting on the sohu hotel channel, Chinese tourist hotel network, the national tourism administration official website in full swing, at the same time will also be a third party candidate hotel customer satisfaction investigation and member of China tourist hotel association council vote, welcome tourists from home and abroad and people from all walks of life to actively participate in the vote.