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Miss tourism in anhui selection contest preliminaries wuhu conference process

Date: 2014-10-07

A time and place, the preliminaries:

On December 13, Wuhu guosen hotel on the first floor is hall

Second, the preliminary process:

1, all participants should bring along their own clothing, on December 13, rushed to the venue before nine in the morning, to the original competition staff produce relevant certificates (id card, certificate of academic degree), get the entry number;

2, preliminary player in the organization of the staff arrangement, in groups of five or ten people a group, the order. Competitors within the prescribed period of time, after repeatedly urged still not contestants, abstained processing;

3, contestant each have one minute to show yourself, content to introduce myself, talent show (including singing, dancing, Musical Instruments, etc.), links and content design by the players themselves;

4, demonstrate, according to the player has the right to terminate or prolonged performs;

Three, player instructions:

1, the contest preliminaries place for air conditioning room, players can be according to the situation on their own with clothing;

2, contest preliminaries, the final decision, the judges have the preliminaries contestants must obey contest organizing committee staff unified arrangement, subject contest preliminaries of the judges of the results of the; For disobedience contest organizing committee staff arrangement, disrupt the competition scene, unreasonable contestants be disqualified;

3, a list of the qualifying heats players not to publish on the spot, please contest of contestants on the official website, the organizing committee of the contest will be announced at the first time series processes and promotion list.

4, the general rules finally explain the ownership "party? Joy" cup miss anhui tourism competition organizing committee.