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Deeply understand the student internship enterprise wuhu vocational education center

Date: 2014-11-07

Wuhu vocational education center, the principal Zhu Xianzhong and Xue Shoudong, director of the school recruitment of students employment guidance in a line, to the wuhu economic development zone several practice base, conduct a thorough safety inspection (including the traffic safety, food safety, work safety), ensure the safety of the field interns is stable, smooth finish internship task.

President zhu visited first worked as an intern in wuhu opel motor co., LTD. Mechanical and electrical professional students, then came to wuhu wuhu guosen hotel, party, holiday inn, new best hotel of the golden eagle and wuhu party issue and square park phase ii inspection intern work, life, and so on and so forth. President zhu inquired about the intern related in detail, for the students during my internship in ideology and moral character, job performance and mental outlook.

School leaders, warmly welcomed by the corporate leadership. In the process of communicate with corporate leadership, deeply feel the enterprise highly responsible for our interns, not only work for interns guidance, more given the care and love in life. Each enterprise leadership ability and the comprehensive quality of our interns work gave high evaluation.