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Wuhu 13 collective scored 2015, "the provincial youth civilization"

Date: 2016-08-16

The reporter learns from wuhu pku, recently, in the province to create the organizing committee of the youth civilization activity released 2015 annual provincial youth civilization for the list of wuhu 13 collective on the list.
Among them, the wuhu municipal public security bureau officer steep police station HeGuoYuan dove jiang bureau group in wuhu guosen hotel front office, won the 2015 annual "the provincial youth civilization pacesetter" title. Wuhu chery automobile co., LTD manufacturing center the vehicle manufacturing welding one/two workshop engineering office, wuhu wuhu society-adaptation schools pre-school rehabilitation department, China, international shopping center co., LTD. Desk etiquette group, wuhu frontier inspection station, wuhu in wuwei county department business hall of housing accumulation fund management center, the second shipping board of hand in the "team" Yang zhude construct, the CPC oil co., LTD., wuhu development zone, wuhu gas station exit inspection and quarantine clearance and comprehensive business dept, jingshan mountains of China post group co., LTD. Wuhu branch offices are wuwei county branch, China unicom, wuhu, its 1 million v high voltage electric power company repair company in anhui province wuhu station such as 11 youth group, has won the title of "the provincial youth civilization" for 2015. In addition, the department of pku city willow. 2015 annual "the provincial youth civilization" advanced worker "title.
Pku staff said the name recognition of "the provincial youth civilization pacesetter", "the provincial youth civilization" and "the provincial youth civilization" advanced worker "advanced collective and individual, in the service, the production, research and development, administration, law enforcement and the first line of down-to-earth, strive for success, in the ordinary post created outstanding achievements, in service to the masses to carry forward the professional culture, show the youth elegant demeanour in overcome difficult, in innovation merit in contribution to the strength, wisdom embodies the youth civilization" professional, dedication, collaboration, to create excellence "the spirit of the concept.